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Jess and bob rice, co-Founders - needham, ma

Back in 2007, my mother, Carol Caley, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.  After seeing the struggle she has gone through, along with the struggle my father has faced as her primary caregiver, Bob and I knew we needed to do something.  With my love for running, along with our shared passion to help others, organizing our first race in 2014 was a logical way to do some serious fundraising while having a little fun along the way.  Knowing we wanted to grow this mission, we reached out to a very special group of our friends and family, and asked them to be a part of our recently created 501c3, “Jog Your Memory, Inc.”  With the collective power of our board, we are excited to pursue our dream to raise money to run Alzheimer’s into the ground.



For the past nearly five years, Carol has remained in a residential care for Alzheimer's disease. Her care continues to be outstanding led by her two loving aides, Regine and Takaria. I am so proud of Carol as she holds her own in the face of the disease that is Alzheimer's, showing what the power of care can accomplish. My daily visits with her inspire me to persist in the support of research that will put an end to a particularly horrible disease that affects millions. My experience with Carol and Jog Your Memory has been transformative, bringing strength and raising hope for a solution. We here are all extraordinarily grateful for your support.

harry stants - needham, ma

My primary role on the Jog Your Memory 5K Board of Directors is to advise and contribute to the race growth and operations based on my running experience and network. I ran varsity cross country and track at Penn State University ('91-'96) and currently run locally with the B.A.A. As Jess' and Bob's neighbor and a JYM board member, I have seen the effects of Alzheimer's disease on patients and caregivers and as a result have been inspired to help in anyway I can to find a cure and provide support to those in need. Our Board of Directors and those who support us in our community have truly enlightened me that a small group of supporters can effect big change.

michelle schmidt - concord, MA

Sadly I have a deep connection to Alzheimer’s due to managing the care of a dear aunt who was diagnosed with it over 10 years ago. I have witnessed her gradual decline, and have seen the effects it has had on the entire family. I am honored to be on the board of an organization so determined to find ways to help ease the pain of such a cruel disease. I hope we can make a difference through not only helping to find a cure, but also helping to raise awareness and to support families until there is a cure.


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michelle TARANTO - Charlestown, ma

In 2011, my mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.  The news was devastating for all of us, especially because there is no cure.  I have seen the drastic toll this disease takes not only on the person who has been diagnosed, but on the entire family and especially the caretaker.  I’m honored to be on the board, working with such a dedicated and passionate group who truly believes in the importance of raising money to help find a cure and in providing critical relief to the caretakers.  Every year, I am blown away by the growing number of incredibly generous donors, dedicated volunteers, enthusiastic supports and motivated runners and walkers who come out to support our cause. But truth be told, I hope one day this race will be a thing of the past that we can proudly look back on and say, we did our part in raising money to find a cure!

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rYan mckee - needham, ma

Like far too many others, my Family and I have also been dramatically affected by Alzheimer’s. First, through my Grandmother, Muriel Pandori, then through my Wife’s Grandfather, Lee Oakes, and most recently through my Aunt, Frances Allen; a woman that I can say confidently that I would not be same Person, Husband, Father, or Son without. Fran, Muriel, and Lee all have a few traits in common – their big hearts, contagious smiles, and their unwavering selflessness. Through JYM, I hope to honor them and pay these traits forward by helping to improve the lives of those affected by Alzheimer's as well as the advancement of research for treatment and a cure.

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I became involved with Jog Your Memory 5K in 2014 when I began working with Bob and assisting with the behind the scenes details of the race.  Since then I’ve had a front row seat to watch this organization not only grow in size, but also determination.   I am truly honored to be part of a board that is so passionate about raising awareness and supporting caregivers and those living with this disease. I have seen how Alzheimer’s disease has affected my close friends and family who have had loved ones diagnosed, and my hope is that we can honor those who have been impacted by this disease and that the work we do can ultimately help find a cure.